Corporate Overview

SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2010 with a strong focus on high value Industries.SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd have now converted to a (Pty) Ltd company. We have achieved our objectives by being associated with high profile companies.

From humble beginnings and with no access to the Formal Banking Sector, SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd has emerged a formidable force in the Freight Distribution sector, providing Logistics solutions to our customers. The Management of SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd has realized that in order to increase our market share in this competitive industry, we have to have a paradigm shift from the conventional mindset of Freight Courier industry, enabling our customers to concentrate on their core business.

The Management of SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd has more than 45 years experience in the logistics, courier and road freight industry.

SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd. Business Philosophy

Client service is our first and most important philosophy. Maintenance of an efficient low cost operation coupled with carefully planned controlled growth.

Mission Statement

Our quest is to become the leading logistics solution company in the field of business, providing the best customer service that surpasses the expectation to our customers. Thus achieving maximum profitability to benefit the shareholders as well as to contribute to the upliftment of the living standards of our fellow men and our employees.

Our Commitment to Quality

At SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd our customer’s satisfaction is the only meaningful measure of quality. Customer’s satisfaction is largely determined by successfully satisfying needs in flexibility, response and price.

The strongest force of quality with SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd system comes from the management’s sincere desire to satisfy our customer’s needs and their willingness to lead all employees by example. SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd knows that it is less expensive to do a job right the first time than to rectify a problem.

Business ethics also from an integral part of our quality standards. With a client base, which includes competitors in the same market place, it is essential that we operate in a professional manner that there is sensitivity towards confidentially of client information. Naturally, all invoice data remains highly confidential.

Our Commitment to black economic empowerment (BEE)

We wholeheartedly support the South African government’s transformation policy and strive to create equal opportunities for all our people. Against this backdrop, our staff compliment is broadly represented by the South African population.

Labour Relations

SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd maintain excellent labor relations as part of its management policy and has no Trade Union. To date, history has proved this policy is effective, as

SSG & Stan Logistics (Pty) Ltd has not experienced any instances that detrimentally affected service levels to our customers. It is our objective to provide a superior service, which is unique to our industry.

This can only be achieved through the ongoing development of our most important assets – PEOPLE.